When you and your partner both enjoy the sex, you probably have a stimulating and satisfying sex life. But what if your guy, or girl, doesn’t rock your bed? By doing some very simple things, you can step up your game in the bedroom.

Here is a list of effortless changes you can make to ensure your partner stays happy.

  1. Clean up
    We all have natural scents and smells that attract us to one another. But no-one wants to get down and dirty with someone who reeks. Good hygiene is always a must, more so when a romp is on the cards. Have a quick shower before you slide in under the sheets. Make sure it’s all neat and tidy down under. It’s the simple things that count.
  1. Communicate
    Be in touch with your partner’s want and needs. Ask questions. A conversation about sex can sometimes be a little awkward, but opening the communication channels and discussing your likes and dislikes can always lead to amazing foreplay.
  1. Be a pro
    Make sure you’ve mastered the basics before you start trying out the Kama Sutra. The best way to perfect your performance, of course, is to ask your partner for feedback. Then do some homework. Try and test it, and ask for more feedback. Once you think you’ve got the hang of it, you can bring out the fireworks.
  1. Make use of props
    Massage oils, toys and lubes can make a boring sex act just so much more exciting. Props are used to arouse the senses. Just think how far a set of kinky handcuffs can go… Before you rush out and shop ’till you drop though, make sure your partner is comfortable with using toys. If you’re too embarrassed to show up in a toy shop, you can always shop online. Be creative!
  1. Be selfless
    A good lover will devote all of his/her energy to a partner’s satisfaction, without even a thought of getting anything in return. Obviously, it should never always be giving without receiving, but treat your better half to one night of total satisfaction. They’ll feel special, and as an added bonus, the favour will probably be returned to you, one sweet day…

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