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A Brief History of Sex Toys

There is much speculation as to the origin and date that the first dildo was created. We should take into account that just about any phallic-shaped object could suffice as sex toys. So yes, cucumbers count too!

Some believe the sex toy concept started as far back as 500BC in Japan. That’s where Ben Wa Balls made their debut. Others believe the origins date back 30, 000 years to the Paleolithic period.  A 20cm siltstone phallus was found in Germany to support this claim. Ancient Greece shows evidence of dildo-creations in the form of leather stuffed with wool. A jade and bronze butt plug was discovered in the tomb of a king near modern-day Shanghai. It dates back to nearly 2000 years ago!

It seems safe to say that for thousands of years sexual aids were fashioned from all kinds of materials ranging from stone, wood, leather, bronze to bread, and even camel dung!

Sex toys get a buzz!

Up until the 1920s you had to crank up the vibration factor with good old-fashioned elbow grease. With the introduction of electric vibrators, such as the Polar Club Electric Vibrator, things got a whole lot more fun! Sadly, even with the element of electricity, people struggled with a lack of ergonomic comfort. Some contraptions were just too bulky or cumbersome.

Thank goodness for the Japanese who invented the ‘Happy Rabbit’ in 1983. Why a rabbit? The legislation would not allow for the manufacturing of sex toys, so creators of the rabbit found a loophole. They designed a toy that’s shaped like an animal and consumers could ‘fill in the rest’.

From there on the sex toys industry has sky-rocketed in design success. It’s now sporting award-winning concepts such as ‘air-play technology’ and vibrators vibrating and syncing to songs on your phone! Technology has taken the world of sensual satisfaction to an entirely new level!

It goes without saying that it really is a vibrant and sexually satisfying time to be alive!

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A Brief History of Sex Toys
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