Kama Sutra is the most talked about and also the most misunderstood book around. It’s an ancient Indian text written by Vātsyāyana, an Indian philosopher in the Vedic tradition who is believed to have lived around the 2nd century AD. The Sutra is generally deemed to be a benchmark work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature. It is astonishing how even in that period scholar were so sophisticated in their ways of thinking about the notion of making love.

‘Kama’ means desire while ‘sutra’ means the thread which holds things together. According to Kama Sutra, the first thing every couple should keep in mind is that there is no proper set of rules in the bedroom. Your are free to choose what kindles your flame.

Contrary to western popular views, the Kama Sutra is not solely a sex handbook. It presents itself as a guide to virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life.

While Kama Sutra is portrayed solely as creative sexual positions to be tried out by partners, in reality, only 20% of the Kama sutra is about sexual positions. The Kama Sutra depicts that a person’s senses can be dangerous because when two lovers are busy in the battle of sex and friction, they are caught up in a fierce energy and pay no attention to dangers in life.

The Sutra contains a total of 64 sexual positions. Vātsyāyana believed there were eight ways of making love, multiplied by eight positions within each of these. In the book, they are known as the 64 Atrs. The Kama Sutra included encryption as an art a woman should study, presumably to help her create secret meetings with her lovers. It also has an early recipe for viagra -Sparrow’s eggs boiled in milk and then mixed with clarified butter and honey! The Kama Sutra directs 40 ways in which you can kiss your partner, some of them being the nominal kiss, the probing kiss, the touching kiss, the straight kiss, the bent kiss, the turned kiss etc.

The Kama Sutra should not to be confused with tantric sex as such sexual practices do not exist under the wide Hindu religion and tantra.

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