Shopping for condoms can be a fun or daunting experience. There are so many types of condoms on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? There are many things to consider; whether you’ll use the condom as contraception and to protect from STIs, or if you just want it for some sexy play.

If you want a condom for pregnancy or STD protection, make sure to read the condom label to see if it is approved by the relevant authorities for those purposes. Also, check the expiration date to ensure that the condom is still safe to use.

Here we break down the most popular condoms available.

  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms are for you if you’re feeling adventurous. Most brands are also FDA-approved to help prevent pregnancy and STDs. You expose the condom to light for a few seconds before putting it on, and Voila! It glows!
  2. Flavoured Condoms will add some kink to oral sex. Many brands say that their condoms have yummy flavours and alluring aromas. The flavour may be contained in the lubricant or coated on the condom. You’ll find flavours from bubblegum to vanilla, and sometimes they are colour coded, i.e. yellow for banana, and so forth.

Many of these condom brands are also approved for protection. If you are planning to use these condoms for vaginal intercourse, make sure they are sugar-free, as sugar flavoured condoms can disturb the pH in the vagina, which can amplify the risk of yeast infections.

  1. Textured and Studded Condoms are ribbed for your pleasure. These types of condoms are shaped and textured to increase pleasure for both male and female, depending on where the raised studs and ribs are. They have a more contoured shape and allow for nerve endings to remain in their most sensitive state. So, significantly more pleasure!
  2. Warming Condoms are generally manufactured of thinner latex to help intensify sensation. They hold a warming lubricant that is activated by natural body moisture, and heat up during sexual contact. The warm sensations are intended to boost pleasure for both partners.
  3. Edible Condoms are available in a variety of tastes. The condom is rolled on, and then can be eaten off. They are for novelty use only, and don’t provide any protection against pregnancy or STIs.

Condoms are 97% successful at avoiding pregnancy (when used correctly and without fail). Condom breakage or slipping accounts for the residual 3%.
Research shows that condoms are about 87% useful at preventing HIV transmission, and can greatly reduce your chances of infection with other STIs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis.

So, be wise. Condomise!

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