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What is a Bathmate Hydro Pump?

Bathmate is the number 1 penis enlargement brand name globally. The European corporation brings you exciting penis enhancement products and accessories that are easy and safe to use.

All products are manufactured from certified medical-grade materials. Each Bathmate range undergoes a dermatological testing study, undertaken by a world-famous specialist clinic to ensure that all products are safe to use on the genitals. 

Choose your pleasure from a wide range of penis pumps, cock rings, accessories, and replacement parts. 


Why You Should use a Bathmate Penis Pump

A Bathmate penis pump uses the latest hydro penis pumping technology to facilitate efficient penis erection, growth, and even stamina. Bathmate uses negative pressure in water to fill the pump tube which then creates a vacuum distribution along the length of your penis. The vacuum action also facilitates tissue healing.

The Bathmate Penis Pump offers a safe design, real results, ease of use, and extensive models available, making it the perfect option!

What is the Difference between Bathmate Models?

The Bathmate range is made of 3 different categories. Read on to see the difference between them.

Hydro: Developed in 2006, this water pump is the original model and also the most affordable with the most basic features. 

Hydromax: The Bathmate Hydromax is an improvement on the original model with new valve types that produce up to 35% more power. With its better performance levels, it’s also the top seller and is available in three different sizes. 

HydroXtreme: The HydroXtreme has been labeled as the most comfortable as well as easiest to use. Three different sizes and a removable hand pump feature make this model a popular choice!

Ways to use Your Bathmate

It’s crucial for customers to read the instructions offered with each product. To make understanding instructions easier to follow, there are a few very helpful instructional videos available on the Bathmate website.

Since the Bathmate requires water to function properly, the best way to use it is in the shower or bathtub. Whether it works better in the shower or the tub is a matter of personal preference. Let’s look at how to use it in both the shower and the bathtub. 


  1. Fill the bathtub with warm water. Get inside and relax for about five minutes.
  2. Fill your pump with water and insert the penis into the pump. Ensure that the chamber faces downward and forms a tight seal around the body and pump. 
  3. As you begin the pumping action, push the pump towards the pubic bone. As water ejects from the valve, released pressure creates a false erection. The penis is then drawn up along the tube. Usually, this process takes 15 minutes which can be divided into 2 or 3 intervals of about 5 minutes each. 
  4. Gently compress the main valve which releases pressure. You can now safely remove the pump! 


  1. Relax in a warm shower for about 5 minutes. 
  2. Once you’ve filled the pump with water, press the pressure valve. Make sure to keep the valve closed whilst filling the pump. 
  3. Place penis inside the pump and ensure it forms a tight seal with the pump and body. 
  4. Perform and ensure you keep pushing the pump toward the pubic bone. Water will then be expelled from the valve, creating a false erection. This draws the penis up into the tube. This process should last for 2 or 3 intervals, each lasting about 5 minutes.
  5. To release pressure, compress the main valve and safely remove the pump.

Other Bathmate Products

Shower straps: Shower straps allow the user to go completely hands-free during their Bathmate shower routine. The straps are compatible with all Bathmate pumps and can easily be placed around the neck to allow the user to focus on showering.

Cleaning kits: Keeping the pump clean will enable it to last longer and work effectively every time. A variety of accessories such as sponges, brushes and towels make keeping your pump clean quite simple! 

Replacement parts: Despite having a 2-year warranty, some components may need replacing after some time. A replacement valve pack provides you with all the valves that might need replacing. It’s much cheaper than having to buy a whole new unit! 

Jelqing serum: For best results, Bathmate recommends the use of Jelqing serum. The serum features all-natural ingredients, improves libido and is also skin safe. Many users report major results with the use of the serum.


Can the Bathmate be Used Without Water?

While the Bathmate is primarily a water pump it can be used with air as well. However, for maximum suction results, we recommend using the power of water!

Is the HydroXtreme Better than the Other Models?

All our models are designed to give you maximum results. The HydroXtreme has an innovative valve and also features a removable hand pump to provide the user with ultimate comfort. They are also the easiest to use. Three handy sizes mean there’s one best suited for everyone! 

Can I Use the Hydro Pump More than Once A Day?

We don’t recommend using the Hydro pump for more than 15 minutes during any 24 hour period. This is to create optimal blood flow and provide you with the most effective erection hardness. Always follow the user guide for the safest and best results. 

Can I Use the Pump if I am Circumcised?

Yes, you can. Provided the correct size is used, the Hydro pump can be used on any penis type. 

Is it Possible to Have Sex while Using the Pump?

Many users prefer using the pump directly before having sex and site the many positive results produced by the hydro pump as the reason for a better experience!

How Do I Select a Size if I am Between Two Sizes?

It’s entirely possible to be between the sizes laid out in the sizing guide. If the penis measures 4.9” we recommend choosing the 5 to 7” so that there is adequate room to grow. It’s important to not select a size that’s too big because this will not generate the maximum suction and won’t achieve the required results. 

What size Hydromax penis pump do I need?

It’s important to take the correct measurements before purchase. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure your erect penis using a ruler that’s pressed against your pubic bone.
  2. Record the measurement from pubic bone to penis tip
  3. Use a tailors/sewing tape measure to measure the circumference (girth) of your erect penis around the middle of the shaft
  4. Use your measurements to find the right pump on our website using our sizing guide