Invest in your sexual health with Lubrimaxxx, the proudly South African collection of sexual lubricants. Lubrimaxxx is the popular water-based personal lubricants brand that offers maximum sexual pleasure and optimal lubrication. Lubrimaxxx has been voted one of the safest water based lubricants across the globe. It presents with a subtle texture and is non-toxic, making it completely edible. The range is clinically and laboratory tested, and safe for use during anal-, vaginal- and oral sex. This means you will experience no irritation at all. It is also non-staining and safe for use with condoms and latex. Each consignment is tested for Total Microbial Activity (TMA) before being packaged. For an affordable brand you can trust, try out this unique range of personal lubricants that is proven to prevent toxic exposure, commonly experienced with petroleum-based lubricants.

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