YES lubricants is the purest range of intimate lubricants and moisturizers available. Certified Organic status is your guarantee that YES products are pure, natural & unadulterated. Vaginal lubricants are meant for instant relief of vaginal dryness during intercourse. They can be applied at any point during intercourse or foreplay, and provides temporary lubrication. Lubricants coat the vagina to ease penetration, which adds comfort during intercourse. They provide a benefit at the time of use, but are not made to last. Vaginal moisturizers are designed to last longer and are applied regularly for treatment of chronic vaginal dryness. They replenish and help maintain water content in the vagina, clinging to the vaginal walls so they are effective for several days. Depending on the amount of vaginal dryness experienced, vaginal moisturizers are applied anywhere from once daily to once every three days. The lubricants are recommended by gynaecologists and are available at our online store.

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