Intimacy is an emotional state that we often reserve for only one special person. It’s about knowing your significant other totally and wholly, and to be free in that individual’s company. Having an intimate connection is what most of us yearn for, but it is also something that we often fail to communicate and express to our partners.

Sex is the physical incarnation of intimacy which comes from a place of affection and a strong bond. It is more than just sharing body parts. A breakdown in intimacy often means that things cool down between the sheets as well. So how do you build that strong bond?

  • Plan to set aside ‘us-time’ at least once a week that you can spend with your partner in bed. or the shower, or any other place where you can connect physically. Routines aren’t all that bad.
  • Be open to looking your partner in the eyes, and seeing into their soul. Then connect with them while you are being touched, or the other way around.
  • Have physical connections that are also non-sexual, such as holding hands, or a simple hug can do.
  • Do things together. Having a common purpose, such as completing a project together, will give you a sense of attachment.

What we all actually need in a caring relationship is a feeling of affection and connection. Tuning into your senses to gauge how strong or how fragile your attachment is will give you an idea of how much effort you need to put in to make your relationship work. It doesn’t have to be extremely hard work. Make it fun.

Listening to, communicating and connecting with your partner will pave the way for a successful and healthy long-term relationship.

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