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Riding 101 – Top tips to keep your sex life rocking

Us humans are curious creatures, even more so when it comes to sex. The mating instinct is inborn in us – we have thoughts and urges and hormones that combine to create the inner feeling of being horny. Of course, we want to express these feelings via our behaviour, and so we want to have sex.

Keeping things refreshing and intimate will prevent you from getting stuck in a sexual rut, so be open to trying new techniques and have a few surprise tricks up your sleeve the next time you get down and dirty. We’ve put together a list of tips for you to keep the flame going.

Sex toys are all the rage. If you haven’t discovered the sensual world of sex toys, you are missing out! There are countless toys to pick from – cock rings, prostate massagers, vibrators, S&M-style accessories, games, and couples’ toys. If choosing a sex toy is unnerving, we are always here to give you friendly advice.

Condoms are not just for preventing STIs. Try a ribbed one for that extra bit of clitoral stimulation and a sensational orgasm.

Don’t forget the lubricant. Dry sex is just plain uncomfortable, so lube up for all that slippy-slidey goodness.

Practice self-care. Figure out what gets your engines revving by masturbating. Every day. In the shower, on the bed, on the couch.

Make the hand job or going down on your girl the main event. Good sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative, so spend a little time on foreplay.

Keep your clothes on. Nothing says ‘I want you now’ quite like just lifting your dress and pulling your undies aside. It’s hot!

Erotica will light your fire. Read something sexy together! You don’t need to buy books for this – there are plenty of websites with smoking hot, sexy narratives.

Make eye contact during oral sex. A simple wink or smile can be oh-so sensual.

Use the power of touch. Men and women alike enjoy the sensual pleasure of a light touch. Run your tongue or fingertips lightly over your partner’s erogenous zones – the neck, thighs, collarbone, nipples, and inner wrists. There are plenty. Play around and see what turns your partner on.

Lap dances aren’t just for strip clubs. Work on a routine in secret and surprise your other half with some moves that will most definitely get them in the mood for time between the sheets.

Get the best seat in the house. Doggy style in front of the mirror allows you to lock eyes and get front-row action.

Not everyone is a fan of vanilla sex. Experiment to keep your sex life exciting, and you just might discover a new fondness of BDSM or nipplegasms, or uncover a sexy, dirty little secret about your partner’s sexual fantasies!

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Riding 101 - Top tips to keep your sex life rocking
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