As with most things in life, once you get used to something new, the novelty wears off. The same goes for love, sex and relationships. How do you keep your relationship alive and healthy?

Many of us have been disillusioned, thinking that great sex and a happy relationship will last forever. The thing is, it never does, unless you continually work hard at it. If you don’t, things can go down a slippery slope real fast. How do you keep that passion alive? Anything in this life that is worthwhile, needs some effort put into it.

Be attentive. To your partner’s needs. As humans, we long for attention, being acknowledged, and being seen and heard. Focus on everything that is said and done, and more importantly, what is NOT said or done.

Have sex. Have a sex date once or twice a week, have spontaneous sex. Just do it. And plan. If you know it’s going to happen, you might just put more effort into it! Dress up, make it romantic, light a candle and be sexy.

Take care of yourself. If you feel good about yourself, you will look good too. Confidence oozes sex appeal. Go to the gym, get your hair done, eat healthy.

Talk about sex. If you’re satisfied sexually, say so. If you’re not, don’t keep quiet. Understand what your partner wants and needs and enjoys, too. Evaluate regularly.

Deal with obstacles. Whatever they may be, sexual problems or emotional problems. Let your partner in and work together as a team.

The only constant in life is change. Accept that relationships change, and that sex might change. Your passion may fade over the years, sex may happen even less, and you may need to work harder on your closeness and on ways to stay intimate.

If you persevere, work hard at your relationship and be patient, you can experience meaningful and deep happiness many years into your relationship.

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