Mortal fear is definitely no turn-on for anyone. If you’ve been ordered to work from home, or in self-isolation because of the dreaded coronavirus, you might be stressed and anxious. In a positive light, locking the doors behind you and spending time alone might pose some benefits – you have some free time to get down and dirty with yourself!

We’re not sure if the coronavirus is transmitted sexually, but it’s safe to say that close contact with other humans pose a great risk of transmission. If you or your partner have tested positive for Covid-19, obviously, you’re not going to have sex! So, where does that leave you?

Lucky for us, we live in the age of technology! There is phone sex, Skype sex, remote controlled sex, masturbation and even porn. Take your pick, because the options are endless.

If you’re feeling frisky and you and your partner need to be separated, make use of one of our fantastic remote-controlled vibrators. Our We-Vibe products come with a phone app, so you can control your partner’s pleasure from the next room, or the other side of the world. What more do you need? Check out our products here.

Skype or Whatsapp video call is a great way to get kinky with your partner, even though you’re not in the same room. Call your partner from wherever, who knows what might play out?

You can also completely remove the human component from sex. In this case, keep it sexy while going solo. Your trusty rabbit vibrator or Fleshlight masturbator is a great option to keep boredom at bay, while still getting your thrills. Take a peek on our website for all the kinks and toys you could possibly want! Just remember to make sure that your toys are cleaned properly before and after use.

Even if you’re in quarantine, you can still have an orgasm-packed experience at home!

Remember: Soap, Sanitiser, Space, and don’t touch your face!a

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