You might not be aware that sex is good for you. It is pleasurable and it is amazing, but apart from that, the perks extend far beyond the boudoir.

Sex is touted to boost your immunity by making antibodies to protect you against all sorts of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Bye-bye Corona? Of course, sex alone is not enough for a resilient immune system. Make sure you eat healthy, get moderate exercise, and a good night’s sleep.

Don’t like going to gym? You would be happy to know that sex counts as exercise. You make use of your entire body when doing all those sexy movements, the result being a full body workout. In contrast to lazing in front of the couch, having sex burns 5 calories per minute as opposed to 1 calorie per minute. Sex also counts as cardio, which is a great defence against heart attacks and strokes. What are you waiting for? Head to the bedroom, or the kitchen counter if you like, and get your kink on.

Sex is a healthful addition to keep your blood pressure in check. Studies have supported a link between a good romp and steady blood pressure readings. Of course, sex is not a substitute for your medication, but can be used in conjunction with meds to keep you strong.

Knock some boots and improve your appearance. It is said that oestrogen and testosterone release with regular sex. The hormones keep you young and healthy and boosts the appearance of your skin and hair. And don’t forget that healthy after-sex glow!

The mental health benefits of sex are enormous. It shoves stress and anxiety right out the door and is said to boost your brain power. Sex releases dopamine and oxytocin during orgasm to make you feel all loved up and happy, hence the post-coital snuggles. Vasopressin promotes pain reduction and serotonin make you feel all relaxed. Your parasympathetic nervous system down-regulates and make you feel all chilled out.

Masturbation is not the same as sex, and although the health benefits are there, it is not as vast as the benefits of having sex. Go forth, have sex, and do it safely!

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