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Sex Toys for Beginners

Buying your first sex toy can be nerve-racking. There is so much to choose from…where do you begin? You can’t really take it for a test drive and return it if it’s not what you expected. Read our guide on sex toys for beginners!

Thanks to the internet, buying a bedroom companion is as easy as the click of a button. If you’re an unseasoned shopper, read our guide to investigate all the good buys. Whether you want to go it solo, or pick up something to spice up your love life, we have everything to pique your interest! Expand your sexual horizons and treat yourself with our variety of luxury toys!

What to look for in a beginner toy

Sex toys come in an assortment of materials and textures. Soft, flexible materials that are easy to use, are great for beginners. You might want to try something a little firmer as you become more comfortable with your toys. Then you can introduce those made of glass, silicone or plastic. They are usually firmer, and offer little to no elasticity.

Read more about different materials at Sex Toy Safety 101.


Stick to a basic style sex toy. Keeping it simple will ensure your comfort. If you’re looking for a vibrator, choose from our range of classic or rabbit or mini vibes.


Your first sexy toy must catch your eye. Dildos and vibrators are popular. Start small at first, then gradually work your way up to bigger sizes. A good measurement for beginner toys is more or less 15cm in length, and 4cm in girth. Smaller toys will help you feel comfortable and achieve the required sensations.


If anal penetration is a first for you, explore with your fingers beforehand. When you’re comfortable, move on to a mini butt plug, and you can experiment further.


You don’t need to go big if you’re buying a couples toy. Cock rings, couples vibes and massage oils are great to start with. Simple bondage accessories are also great introductory toys. It’s a flirty way to spice up your boudoir!


Always use quality lubricants with your toys. This will extend their lifespan, and help you to achieve sexual pleasure. A good lubricant will reduce friction as sex toys can absorb natural body fluids.

Water based lube and silicone based lube are the most common. Water-based lubricants are more absorbent, and may not last as long as the silicone-based lubes. Lubes are also available in flavoured and non-flavoured varieties. We stock only the best quality lubes here.

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Sex Toys for Beginners
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