Le Lube – Water Based Lubrication




• Lubrication gel with ALOE VERA
• pH balanced
• Water based and alcohol free
• Dermo Sensitive
• Colorless and Non-sticky
• Fragrance Free and Tasteless
• Non-Staining
• 100% condom and Latex Safe
• Unique On The GO single serve Snap Sachet
• Easy to use,
• Hygienic,



Le Lube is a silky water-based lubrication gel with aloe vera for massage or intimate pleasure. It is suitable for anal and vaginal use. Le Lube silky lubrication gel with aloe vera is non-irritating and dermo sensitive. The unique On The GO single serve Snap Sachet application squeezes out all the lubricant without any mess.

This colourless, odourless lubricant is pH balanced and low in osmolality, and thus reduces the risk for STD’s and HIV infection.


The osmolality of a lubricant is important because the epithelial skin layer or the body’s natural mucus maintains homeostasis, or an equilibrium of osmolality.

Water moves freely back and forth across cell membranes in response to the osmotic pressure being exerted by the molecules of extracellular fluids (lube) on the cell’s intracellular fluid.
If a lubricant has a higher osmolality than the cells of the body, it’s called hyper-osmotic. It causes the body’s cells to push out water in an effort to dilute the lubricant, sometimes leading to cell death via dehydration.

Hyper-osmotic lubes can irritate the skin. It causes the epithelial layer of skin to slough off and dehydrate mucus. This leaves a mucous membrane more susceptible to bacterial infections or STI contraction.

LE’LUBE test reports confirmed zero irritation after both vaginal and anal application.

pH Balance

pH is the measure of a liquid’s alkalinity or acidity on a scale from 0-14. 0 is the most acidic and 14 is basic or alkaline, while 7 is the neutral reference point.

Generally, healthy bodies regulate pH naturally with a particular balance of yeasts, fungi, and bacteria. Th pH may become imbalanced when a foreign substance like lube, douches, or enemas disrupt the levels of bacteria or fungi.

Imbalances in vaginal pH can lead to Bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infection, or serve as a warning sign or symptom of a more serious health issue.
Vaginal and cervical pH levels are normally between 3,8 – 4,5. These naturally fluctuate with the menstrual cycle and are affected by estrogen levels. It plays an important role in fertility and conception.

Le Lube – More Info

– Water based and alcohol free
– Colourless and non-sticky
– Fragrance free and tasteless
– Non-staining
– 100% condom and latex safe
– Easy to use, hygienic, safe and fun
– Just SNAP and GO

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Single Sachet (5ml), 7 Sachets (7 x 5ml), Dispenser Box (60 x 5ml)


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