Positioning Set



Offers a variety of positioning options

Set includes:

  • Eye-mask
  • Satin Ties Bed Restraint Kit
  • Door Jam Closet Cuffs
  • Inflatable Position Wedge

In stock


This positioning set by Steamy Shades guarantees to amplify excitement and is just right for beginners, while easily catering to the intermediate BDSM fans. The Inflatable Wedge is reusable provides extra support during sex. It is made of sturdy plastic with reinforced seams, is easy to store and travel friendly.

The eye mask is a wonderfully seductive finishing touch to erotic play – it has a chic sheer black overlay with an elastic band to keep it securely placed. Steamy Shades Positioning set features Door Jam Closet Cuffs, Bed Restraints, an Inflatable Position Wedge and an Eye Mask.


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