The Cookie Book


Celebrating the Art, Power and Mystery of Woman’s Sweetest Spot.

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Self-esteem and self-empowerment are vital for a rewarding and fulfilling life. It is often bolstered by belief systems and societal views. In Maritza Breitenbach’s The Cookie Book, she sets out to dispel taboo and promote female self-empowerment through her artistically beautiful and historically rich exploration of the human vagina.

Fun, easy-to-read, and light, The Cookie Book is a “must-read” for young adults and women of all ages just learning about or ready to take ownership of their own hidden treasure. The Cookie Book also details important rites of passage from tot to teen, pregnancy and childbirth to menopause.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Vagina:

1. Female infants lubricate vaginally in the first four to six hours of life.
2. The absence of a biological father through separation or divorce is known to bring on early menstruation.
3. Famous painter Rodin did an illustration of the vagina titled “Sex of the Female”.
4. A scent called “Vulva”, fashioned after the vagina’s aroma, can be purchased from Germany and is said to drive men wild.
5. Clockwork-powered vibrators were invented in 1734 and used in asylums by doctors hoping to curtail hysteria.
6. Napoleon Bonaparte preferred the unwashed smell of Empress Josephine’s “Black Forest”.
7. What a woman eats can affect the scent of her vagina.
8. Masturbation has a wide range of health benefits.
9. In China a vagina with all its hair removed is known as a “white tiger”.
10. The average vagina has a pH of 3.8 to 4.5, and maintaining pH is important for overall vaginal health.

Based on medical research, The Cookie Book is light, entertaining, fun, and accessible to all women, regardless of academic background. This is the perfect woman-to-woman, mother/daughter, father/daughter gift.


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