Undercover Stimulator

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  • Discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to fit any electric toothbrush
  • Material:Medical grade ABS

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Undercover Stimulator is an electric toothbrush cover that also serves as a stimulator for women. It is small, easy to use and discrete.

Undercover is a patented product invented and designed by a woman for women. As the name suggests, Undercover is a discreet clitoral stimulator on the market today. Undercover is an electric toothbrush cover. It can be discreetly used as a clitoral stimulator for women.

Small and discrete; no more embarrassing moments when travelling.
No need for batteries or electricity. It simply attaches to your toothbrush and uses your always charged electric toothbrush base for power.
Designed to cover all popular electric toothbrushes.
Vibrates at between 2,500 and 8,000 oscillations per minute.
Affordable. Undercover costs a fraction of the price of traditional vibrators yet serves the same purpose.

Fully washable and easy to use.

1. Find the placement of your clitoris, which is located just behind the labia.
2. Place the rounded side gently on your clitoral region (positioning is up to you).
3. Switch your toothbrush on to use as a clitoral stimulator, and apply pressure as needed to provide a sensual stimulating experience.

Undercover is designed as a clitoral stimulator and is safe to use externally only.

This product is not for internal use!




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