Over time, most couples adopt a fairly boring sexual life. Either sex dries up completely, or the excitement fades, and sex is just going through the motions. Whether it’s passionate, raunchy, or somewhere in between, try these tricks to instantly take your sex life back to hot hot hot!

Be staggeringly inventive and flirty. Come up with new ideas and indulge in whatever gets your hearts pounding!
Sometimes, practice abstinence. It loses its charm when you know you can have sex anytime, anywhere. Save sex once in a while for ‘special occasions’, such as date night.

Think outside the bedroom. Get sexy in places other than the bed – think backyard, pool, kitchen or couch.
Avoid scheduling sex for certain days and make it an impromptu deed

Believe in your relationship. As long as there’s love and trust, and lust, you can find ways to rekindle the excitement of sex without losing your partner,

Add at least fifteen minutes of foreplay, and make each other horny before having sex. Caress and compliment.
Offer a massage by candlelight if things get too hectic and you haven’t been making time for love. You will both relax, and the gentle touches will lead to kissing, and sex!

Add a hat trick and bring reinforcements. It’s a fun and flirty way to connect with your partner again. You can find sexy bedroom toys for all levels of experience and comfort, so pick up a sexy new trinket for the boudoir, and play away to your heart’s desire!

Try these tips to get out of the bedroom blues, and be on your merry way to sizzling sex with your other half in no time! Let us know what worked for you!


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