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The winter hater’s guide to hot sex

Winter is the season for hot chocolate, cosy PJs, warm covers and cuddling. Snuggling up under the blanket with your partner is a great activity to arouse you sexually, but you might be slightly reluctant to get naked in the frosty air, and it can certainly dampen your sex drive.

Sex in winter is great for intimacy and boosting your mood. Feeling closer to your partner and talking open doors to responsive desire and sexual encounters. If you need stress relief, make sure you get some of your daily doses! You may find that sex helps with managing stress and it comes with a multitude of health benefits, including improved immunity and reduced blood pressure. Sex will thaw your cold buns eventually, and a cosy cuddle after some nookie will make you forget the initial cold snap!

Your throes of passion are also great to burn off those extra calories that you’ve been eating, so get on top of each other and have some fun. Get under the covers to ease into your birthday suit and get into positions that get your bodies close and super warm. Winterize your positions. Try military for starters – it forces skin-to-skin contact – spooning and stacked snakes. We must tell you that, according to research, if your toes are cold your chance of orgasm is lower. So yes, you may keep your socks on!

Of course, if you’re single, showing love to yourself in the midst of winter is of paramount importance. Now is the perfect time to explore your sexuality and to discover your likes and dislikes, so that when the doors to the big wide world open again, you are ready to enjoy sex with another person. Perhaps you want to order a few sexy toys online to see what you really like! As a bonus, you can be greedy and have as many orgasms as you want!

If the plunge into the depths of winter has turned you off, gather your props – blankets, pillows, toys, the fireplace, and a glass of wine – get cosy, get warm and get laid.

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The winter hater’s guide to hot sex
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