No matter which way you slice it, relationships are tricky. Getting two people on the same page about their wishes, their resolves, their won’ts, their can’ts, and their many hues of maybes can be unbelievably difficult.

It’s reasonable to say that many people still struggle to talk candidly about what exactly they want and need in a relationship.

Here’s a quick list of things your partner secretly wants, but might not ask for:

  1. At times we want your undivided attention. No TV or computer or smartphone. Nothing but just us two!
  2. We want open and honest communication, even if sometimes it means that you tell us things we don’t want to hear!
  3. From time to time we all feel worn out, snowed under, not enough, unwell, hurting, and in need of a break from all things, and some ‘me time’.
  4. We love to hear your acknowledgement of us and our importance to you. We wish you’d hug and caress us more.
  5. It’s great getting a text, phone call or email from you once on a while. It makes us feel valued and loved.
  6. Please listen when we express our feelings, fears and uncertainties. Don’t try solve our problems, we just need a good ear and a sounding board!
  7. Sometimes relationships are all work and no play. Doing something exciting occasionally would help our relationship move from drab to fab!

If you haven’t had a truthful conversation with your partner about your wishes, you need to make a pledge to begin that conversation today. Keeping issues to yourself can lead to dissatisfaction within your relationship.

The better your partner understands what you need, the better your chance of being satisfied. Stop being silent!

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