Men, take self-pleasure into your own hands

Male masturbation has been a taboo topic for many years, and we hide our discomfort about the matter by joking about it and giving the act silly names. 

If you think jerking off is something that only lonely guys do on a weekend night, perhaps it’s time you reconsidered. We all make time for exercise, cooking healthy food and meditating, so why can’t self-care include self-pleasure?

By pleasuring ourselves, we learn how our bodies respond to touch and different sensations. We learn how to bring ourselves to climax and where our erogenous zones are. If you give yourself permission to become curious again, you just might master your penis once and for all. 

Schedule quality time with yourself. Explore all kinds of play in any kind of way. Don’t just get hard, climax, and then get on with your life. Touch yourself and discover what makes you feel good. Slow down and explore. Going solo is also real sex.

Do it better. Don’t replay the same ritual over and over again. Use the left hand instead of the right. Plan in advance and don’t let your me-time become a tired, last-minute ritual in the shower just before bedtime. 

Stock up on lubricant. Yes, lube is also for men. It reduces friction and enhances your experience by creating a gliding motion.

Don’t rush. There is no time limit. Play around with slow build-up and light stroking, and draw out your ecstasy.

Toys are for men, too. There are amazing sex toys for men on the market, such as masturbation cups, prostate massagers and butt plugs. Why not open yourself up to new experiences?

Older men can masturbate too. Masturbation is not just reserved for the younger generations. Your pleasure should continue throughout your lifetime, and so should self-pleasure. 

Lower rates of prostate cancer is linked to regular ejaculation, so go ahead and strengthen your sexual prowess. 

Make a promise. Set a goal for each week, or each month to do something different. Try a new toy or a new position, you’ll never discover the things you like if you don’t explore.

Self-pleasure is not dirty or immoral as we grew up to believe. It’s also not just a release of pent-up energy and frustrations. It is intended to familiarise yourself with your body, and intensify your erotic pleasure. 

If you have any questions you’d like answered, Sari is happy to book a consultation with you.

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