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There are some incredible products available these days for men who are looking to enjoy the thrill of an orgasm even when they are on their own. With our wide range of sex toys available online, finding the best masturbator for men has never been easier. From deep throat masturbators to single-use products, you will have no problems finding the right male masturbator for you. 

You can look forward to incredible thrills and mind-blowing orgasms with our male masturbation toys. Our wide range of superb quality masturbation toys for men means you can find the best male masturbator for your needs. 

To help you find the best masturbator sex toy for your needs, we have put together a general guide along with some frequently asked questions. 


Types of masturbators available for order

There are various different types of male masturbation toys you can buy, and by checking out the options you can order the right one for you. Some of our options are:


If you’re looking for the perfect tight sensation, a suction penis masturbator could be ideal for you. You can buy a masturbator such as the Air-Tech Twist, which enables you to adjust the suction for the perfect orgasmic experience! This is a reusable option that is guaranteed to provide satisfaction,

Deep Throat

Another option you might want to consider is the deep throat male masturbator, which provides you with a truly realistic experience. With its unique design, you can look forward to an incredible fellatio experience when you use the Tenga deep throat masturbator. It even comes with accompanying sound effects to make the thrill even more exciting!

Orifice Masturbators

If you want a great orifice masturbator you can buy a Fleshlight online. You will find a range of options you can choose from. Enjoy the ultimate thrill with a Fleshlight for men it can replicate the real deal, but you can have fun even when you are all alone! A Fleshlight masturbator offers simplicity coupled with total satisfaction.

Porn Star Mold

If you have a favorite porn star and you’re looking to choose a penis masturbator, you should consider the Fleshlight porn star mold masturbators. Fleshlight’s porn star options include molds such as Jenna Haze, Dillion Harper, and Alexis Texas, among others. So, choose your favorite and prepare to have some fun!


Another option if you want to find the best male masturbator is the vibrating option. With a vibrating male masturbator, you can choose from a range of vibration settings depending on the model you choose, So, you can select the intensity to suit your pleasure! The Pulse Solo Essential is a great option here!

Tips for choosing your next masturbator sex toy

When it comes to choosing the best penis masturbator for you, there are several key factors you should take into consideration. You should look at the design of the masturbator and the way that it functions. For instance, as mentioned above, you may want one that uses suction, or you may prefer a vibrating masturbator.

You may also want to consider the exterior design of the product. With lots of different style options available, you can find a male masturbator that is appealing in terms of its exterior design as well as satisfying thanks to its interior workings!

Of course, the cost is another factor you need to take into consideration. You will find male masturbators for sale at a range of price points in our online masturbator shop. This makes it easier for you to find one that ticks all the boxes from sexual satisfaction to affordability.

Our most popular men’s masturbator brands

We are proud to stock some of the most popular and respected brands when it comes to our masturbation toys for men. Some of the popular brands we stock in our masturbator shop are: 

Prolonging the lifespan of your masturbator

In order to prolong the lifespan of a reusable masturbator, you need to ensure you clean it properly and regularly. This is important for hygiene reasons as well as to ensure you get to enjoy your fabulous product time and time again.

Rinsing out the interior of your masturbator with water is a must, but it doesn’t always provide the highest level of cleaning and hygiene with products like this. So, it is worth investing in a proper cleaner, such as the excellent Fleshlight wash in our collection. 

Masturbator FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of some frequently asked questions you might have when deciding on a masturbator.

What’s the best male masturbator for a first-time user?

This can depend on what sort of experience you are looking for. You should think about what you desire in terms of intensity and what sort of experience you want to replicate. With our large variety of realistic male masturbator options, you can find the right one to get started.

You might want to get started with something simple such as the SNEZZZE5 Masturbator, or you may want to try out one of the Fleshlight options. You can also consider our single-use Tenga Egg masturbators to get a feel for what you enjoy most.

Finding out what excites you the most may take a little practice! However, you can always come along and visit us at our Cape Town shop, and we can provide you with advice and guidance. 

What are some good accessories to use with a masturbator?

There are various accessories you can get for use with your male masturbator. Some of the products you should consider are:

How many uses can I expect to get from a male masturbator?

This depends on the type of male masturbator you have. Some products are reusable and can be used many times as long as you take care of them and clean them properly.

Others are single-use such as the Tenga Egg Masturbator. The benefit of the single-use one is that you can try different varieties to get a feel for what you like best. You will also find them ideal for when you are traveling.  

What are some alternative sex toys for men?

When it comes to mens sex toys, there certainly is something for everyone in our extensive range! Alongside masturbators, we also sell sex toys for couples, anal toys, bondage gear, dildos and a wide range of accessories. So, take a look at our products, and inject some excitement into your life!

What are vibrating masturbators and how do they work?

We stock a wide range of male masturbators for sale, and this includes a number of vibrating masturbator options. These are designed to take your sexual pleasure to the next level, and you can choose from different vibration levels and intensities. The vibrations help to provide added intensity and powerful orgasms, which makes vibrating masturbator toys extremely popular. If you’re interested in buying a vibrating masturbator, consider the Pulse Solo Essential or the Cobra Libre 2!

My masturbator doesn’t feel smooth anymore. Can I powder it with cornstarch or baby powder?

Naturally, you want to ensure your male masturbator has a long life! Using products such as baby powder or cornstarch could result in damage. So, it is advisable to use a recommended and safe product such as Fleshlight renewing powder. This will help to solve this issue without causing any damage to your masturbator. 

Are any of your male masturbation toys waterproof?

Yes, many of our penis masturbation toys are waterproof, which means you can have plenty of fun in the shower as well! If you buy a shower masturbator such as one of our Fleshlight toys, you can even consider a shower mount for hands-free fun in the bathroom! 

When deciding on a male masturbator, what material is best?

The best material for your male masturbator really depends on the type of experience you want and the texture you prefer. Silicon is a very popular choice when it comes to these toys, as it creates a more realistic experience. We stock a wide range of male masturbation toys for men, all of which are made from the highest quality materials. If you need some help choosing, you are always welcome to visit the shop if you are in Cape Town. 

Can I use any sort of lubricant with your masturbators?

In order to keep your male masturbator in good condition and to improve hygiene, we would always recommend a high-quality lubricant for use with our products. You also need to be mindful of which lubes are suitable for the material of your masturbator – for instance, you need water-based lubricant for your silicone toys. Our premium quality Fleshlube water is one of our best water-based lubes that you can use for your masturbators!

Do you have a shop where I can check out your products in person?

Yes! We welcome visitors to our shop, and we are more than happy to help you make the right choice. You can find us at 12 Heather Street, Milnerton in Cape Town. If you prefer a little more discretion you can even book an after-hours appointment by calling us on +27 82 775 8960.

At Allure Sensuality Emporium, we pride ourselves on both the range and quality of our male masturbation sex toys we have for sale. If you are looking for the best masturbator for men, you can rely on us to provide exactly what you need for the time of your life!


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