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Rabbit Vibrators

Get the best rabbit vibrator for you

If you’re in the market for something to spice up your sex life, the rabbit vibrator could be hopping good fun! Easy to use for solo or coupled sex play, the rabbit sex toy has been around since the 1990s and is incredibly popular for singles and couples.

What is a rabbit vibrator/what does a rabbit vibrator do?

Rabbit vibrators are popular because they offer both (G-Spot) and clitoral stimulation – at.the.same.time.

The shaft is inserted for internal play, while the “bunny ears” sit on either side of the clitoris, providing a vibrating sensation that is sure to delight.
With dual sensation happening on two major erogenous zones, most women experience intense blended orgasms with the rabbit.

Because all our rabbit vibrators are made with 100% body-safe materials, they are safe to use and really easy to clean.


How to pick your first rabbit vibrator

Not all rabbit vibrators are created equal. When choosing your first one, do some research into user ratings and reviews, to assure yourself of quality and also get a sense of whether or not they will give you the type of pleasure you’re looking for. For instance, you may or may not be concerned about how loud a vibrator is, whether or not it can be used under water, whether it comes with an app, what the battery requirements are, etc. Here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • Once you have found a few that you’re interested in, look at the size and dimensions and make sure you are comfortable with them
  • Colour – this seems to be a big point of discussion for a lot of women. There are so many colours (from nudes and neutrals to hot pink and neons) and what you choose really depends on your taste
  • Speed settings and power. Most modern vibrators are USB rechargeable so that you can rechange on-the-go, but there are some battery-operated options out there, so confirm that the one you want to buy has the best option for you
  • Check that you are happy with the material used. Many rabbit vibrators are made with silicone, skin-safe rubber or plastic. Each has its benefits – plastic is firmest, while silicone is little more flexible and offers a more realistic skin-feel. Skin-safe rubber is the softest and most flexible of all the materials. It’s really up to how you want to use it!
  • Some women have no qualms about having a buzzer that can clearly be heard from the other room, but others would prefer a little more discretion. Look for quiet vibrators that are 40db or below. User ratings could really help inform you of this.
  • Water resistance. Due to the nature of the materials used, most rabbit vibrators are splash-proof at the very least. But if you are looking for more submersive play, be sure to check the specs.

How to use a rabbit vibrator

You’ve reached the most fun part of our article! Here is a short explainer on how to get going with your new rabbit sex toy:

  1. Gently rub your clitoris between the two rabbit ears and get into a position that’s comfortable
  2. Turn them on using the buttons and enjoy the delicious buzz
  3. If you’re ready to move to the next level, gently insert the shaft
  4. When you’re comfortable, turn on the shaft’s vibrator using the buttons; if there are control options that you can use to adjust speed and intensity (as most good rabbit vibrators should have!) then use them to fine-tune to your preference
  5. Enjoy to the max!

 Optional extras:

  • Get a decent lube or enhancer to help get things going
  • Some rabbit vibrators come with additional settings for extra-fun play. If you’re into a little variety, consider getting one that has a beaded shaft or thrusting function.

Add a partner. Ask your playmate to take control and let the fun begin!

How to store your rabbit vibrator

Along with hygiene, keeping your sex toy clean will ensure that the material and motor stay in shape – this will improve its longevity. Most rabbit vibrators are really easy to clean. You can use a sex toy cleaner or a gentle soap with a bit of water. Make sure any batteries are removed or, if it has a USB port, that this is protected from direct contact with the soapy mix.

Once you have cleaned your toy, wipe it down with a towel and then leave to air-dry completely before packing it away.

When storing your vibrator, keep it away from direct heat, sunlight and animals.

Where can I buy a rabbit vibrator in Cape Town

At Allure Sensuality, we are committed to stocking only the best quality sex toys. You can shop directly in-store or purchase a rabbit vibrator from our secure and discreet online shop. 

If you choose to visit us in-store, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions or show you some of our demo models. Our consultations happen in a safe, private environment. 

All online purchases are shipped in discreet packaging and can be delivered directly to your door. Browse for your perfect rabbit vibrator and get your thrill on today.