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About Us

About Allure Sensuality

The world has become a deeply polarized place. In a way, we’ve lost touch with ourselves. And not just ideologically. We’ve actually lost a sense of physical touch. Of intimacy. And with that, our capacity for pleasure.

With our combined expertise and experience as Sex Toy Consultants, my husband and I know how important sexual sharing and gratification is. Clear communication and a solid understanding of oneself and one’s partner are essential for a good sex life. And, it’s also important to try new and exciting ways of spicing things up in the bedroom…or the kitchen…or wherever you may find yourselves in the moment!

Allure stocks a large variety of top-of-the-range sex toys, intelligently designed, well made and aesthetically pleasing. They are top quality, non-toxic and have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure deep sexual pleasure, intense discovery, and that sometimes-elusive orgasm.

Not only are we passionate about sexuality and the journey on which sex toys can take you, we are also passionate about one-on-one customer service – we want you to ask questions and view the toys so that we can tell you all about them. If you’re in Cape Town we’re available to meet for private consultations and we’re also happy to chat over the phone.

And there’s more – contact us about our enlightening and alluring sex toy parties. These group get-togethers will encourage you to communicate, discover more and most of all, to have even more fun!

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