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Love and Be Loved

It’s the month of love and besides Covid, love is officially in the air! Valentine’s Day has a long history dating back to the 1300s. It has become an iconic day to highlight the importance of loving and being loved. Most people once believed it was only a romantic celebration, but today it’s commonplace to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to just about anyone you love.

The eight different types of love, according to the ancient Greeks, are Eros (sexual passion); Philia (deep friendship); Ludus (playful love); Agape (love for everyone); Pragma (longstanding love); Philautia (love of the self); Storge (family love) and Mania (obsessive love). Let’s not forget the most important love of them all, self-love. After all, in order to love others, one must love oneself first.

Which love are you celebrating on Valentine’s Day?

When it comes to the ‘Eros’ kind of love, we here at Allure Sensuality Emporium have got you covered! We stock a wide variety of romantic gift options. Our velvet ropes and scented candles go a long way! The CBD bath bombs or massage oils make for a sensually enjoyable experience. You should also try our wide range of couples’ toys that can be enjoyed together!

Don’t despair. If you can’t decide what you think your partner may like, then a gift card from us will certainly do the trick. Remember, if you don’t have a significant other and enjoy the perks of ‘self-love’, then there are many solo-play options to explore.

Have a wonderful and sensual Valentine’s Day!

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Love and Be Loved
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