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Mini & Bullet Vibrators

The must haves for any collection

For some it’s their starter vibrator and with good reason it’s a favourite for many. Use it discreetly and take it wherever you go!

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What is a Mini Vibrator?

They go by names like mini vibrator or bullets and they’re the type of vibrator anyone should try. The name comes from the small size and the shape that often makes them look like ‘bullets’. And in the palm of your hand you can hold the key to your personal pleasure.

The keywords to explain the niche of bullet vibrators are:

  • User-friendliness
  • Discretion
  •  Affordability
  • Petite


At only a few inches long these units’ design also make them ideal for discreet use. If you’re not—yet—ready to show the world how you make sure you enjoy optimal levels of pleasure, a bullet vibrator is easy to hide. So, whether you’re travelling or taking it with for a unique period of relaxation during your lunch break, your bullet can easily go with you. Simply pop it in your handbag, suitcase or luggage.

And yes, the smaller size means a lower price tag, making it affordable for almost anyone to now enjoy the benefits of modern sex toys.

#1 Choice for Newbies

New to the world of vibrators and other sex toys? Then you’re on the right page because a bullet vibrator is a go-to option for newbies. Some of them are less powerful than other toys on the market, making them less intimidating. And they’re easy to use! So, ease into this new chapter of your life using simple but effective gadgets.

We promise: your bullet personal massager will stay one of your favourite go-to items, whether to use on yourself or with your partner.

How to Use a Mini Bullet Vibrator

Just because these vibrators are tiny doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. Pick the right bullet vibrator for sale and you can have enough power to satisfy yourself or a partner!

Many Fun Applications

Your mini vibrator can be used to stimulate any of the following areas:

  • Breasts: Running the vibrator around the nipples is sure to provide pleasure and add a new dimension to foreplay. 
  • Clitoris or clitoral hood: This is probably the area most people use their bullets on. Pick a speed and intensity that excites you the most.
  • Vulva: Many other areas—apart from the clitoris—can be stimulated and add to a woman’s sexual experience. A bullet vibrator is safe to use in order to discover how and where exactly you or your partner can be stimulated best.
  •  Thighs: Instead of running a hand up a thigh, why not add a new dimension and use a vibrator?
  •  Perineum: This area between the vagina and the buttocks is also known to provide sexual pleasure if stimulated correctly—easily done with a bullet.  

The small size makes it easy to incorporate in many of your favourite positions while having sex. You can use it on yourself or have your partner try out new ways to excite and pleasure you. Help each other find your favourite uses of these discreet vibrators.

Don’t Forget the Lube!

A key aspect of using your bullet vibrator is using enough lube. As amazing as our bodies are, they don’t always generate enough moisture to optimise sexual experiences. So, rather use alternative means to give yourself the best chance of achieving that orgasm.

And we’re not talking about water! Invest in a quality, water based lubricant and you’ll be able to enjoy your vibrator—alone or with your partner—for longer without risking injury or soreness.

So Many Bullet Options

This is an exciting but also practical niche in the vibrator market. Even though the bullets are small, they come with very helpful features and you can pick according to how you enjoy using your toys. Some more advanced mini bullets offer different speed and intensity options.

In addition, pick between a remote control unit or one with all the operating options embedded on the bullet itself. And you can make sure your bullet is always ready when you need it, thanks to rechargeable features, even via a USB cable.


Can Guys Use Bullet Vibrators?

While bullets are popular with women there’s no reason for men not to try it – or for women to try it on their male partners. If used around a man’s balls or in the perineum area, the vibrations of a mini bullet vibrator can provide very enjoyable sensations. So, this makes for a great little tool during masturbation, or as part of your impressive techniques during a blow job.

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Are Vibrating Bullets Safe for Anal Use?

In theory a bullet vibrator is safe to use in the anal area, but rather only use it on the exterior areas. They’re small and the traditional bullet design doesn’t flare at the base. If you do insert it into the anus, there’s a high possibility of you losing your grip on the unit and losing the bullet. Rather focus on areas like the perineum.

Are Bullet Vibrators Waterproof?

Don’t assume that your new mini bullet vibrator is waterproof and safe to use or clean in the bath. Some may only be ‘splash proof’ while others are completely waterproof. Only with ‘waterproof’ or ‘submersible’ units can you push them under water without causing damage.

How to Clean a Bullet Vibrator

It’s vital to keep any sex toys clean, or you run the risk of infections. With most bullet vibrators you can rinse them well in water and then dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth. Make sure you don’t scratch the exterior.

Do read the directions that come with your bullet vibrator, since designs do differ. You need to confirm whether you can submerge it in water or whether you should simply wipe it down.