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To Kegal or not to Kegal? This is the question!

When we’re young we don’t worry too much about our pelvic floor because it is naturally designed to hold organs and related structures in place within our pelvic girdles.

However, as we get older this may change and there are various ways to improve the strength of the pelvic floor.

Keeping one’s pelvic floor tight keeps the organs of the lower body in good condition; prevents erectile dysfunction; prevents premature ejaculation; prevents leakage caused by coughing and sneezing; improves posture; improves hemorrhoids and increases blood circulation to the genitals.

Improved blood circulation to the genitals and pelvic floor increases vaginal lubrication for women and improved stamina for men thereby achieving magnificent and intensified orgasms for both parties!

Sari, the owner of Allure Sensuality Emporium (who was a senior Callanetics Instructor for 10 years), advises that merely going to your nearest sex toy shop to buy Kegal Balls will not help. In fact, in severe cases, a professional should be consulted.

Nevertheless, should you want to purchase this product, go chat with Sari! She will advise you on what to do with them as well as give you some pelvic floor exercises. The two go hand-in-hand!

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To Kegal or not to Kegal? This is the question!
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