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Winter is the time for better sex

Yes, it’s snappy out there, but it’s red-hot in bed this winter season! Get ready to enjoy your best sex of the year! 

If it’s only 8pm and you find yourself curled up in bed to escape the chilly weather, you might be in for a surprise. If you’re spooning with your partner to warm up, this is the time to initiate intimate contact. Close contact with your lover starts an oxytocin rush. If you need a refresher on the hormone oxytocin, it is also called the love hormone. Engaging in sexual contact with your lover is likely to boost your oxytocin levels, which creates a behaviour loop. In a nutshell, the more time you spend with your lover, the more oxytocin you make. The more oxytocin you produce, the more your partner becomes desirable to you. 

Hugging and other forms of touching trigger the release of oxytocin from the pituitary gland, which explains the warm, fuzzy feelings we experience. Also, when we’re physically affectionate, we experience feelings of bonding, trust and connection. It seems that the emotive oxytocin rush from intimate contact, plus the added physical advantage of sharing body heat in the same bed, give cold season sex such appeal. Guaranteed you will spend more time in bed this winter, and sleep better too!

So, pull up a blanket, your other half, some candles and hot chocolate, and get ready to spend some quality snuggle time in bed this winter!

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Winter is the time for better sex
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